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Xenon is a super overstable speed 9 fairway driver and it is in many ways our most consistent, reliable, and forgiving disc yet even for a fluttery throw into a headwind.
An overstable fairway driver has become something almost every disc golfer has in their bag as it is a very versatile tool for making hyzer throws, flex lines, skip shots, and generally just fighting the wind. These properties make this disc ideal for forehand throws.

Flight: [ 9 | 3 | 0 | 4 ]

The stock stamp Xenon comes in a variety of colors. Besides standard colors, stock stamp Xenon discs might include transitional and experimental colors. However, this is not a guarantee. Orders will consist of a mix between available colors.

Our own retail price (MSRP) for stock stamp Xenon Alpha-Solid is approximately €18.40 (ex. VAT).
We recommend adding €1 to the MSRP for overseas retail due to higher shipping price.

Weight: 173g-175g